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swAmi is not doing anything else. He won’t come straight in front of everybody and admit what he did and apologize to all of those whom he deceived. He or his puppets are threatening with legal action, attacking right and left. They may do it and we have to be prepared for it. The last thing we want is to increase the difficulty of this situation on all those women who were abused or even just misused by letting him bankrupt them through prolonged law suits.

My suggestion is to go to the basics of grassroots organizing. Laws are different in different countries. Above mentioned women are from different countries. We need to create a support system for them. My suggestion is that those living in a countries with victims, i.e. Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and others which I may not be aware of set up completely legitimate and transparent accounts for donations to cover any expenses arising from the Empire’s reaction. Set it up as tax exempt or whatever works. Just do it correctly that nobody can attack you. Lawyers are expensive and although some people do everything to help, our real power is in unity, multitude, openness and honesty. Keep proper bookkeeping, the best transparent directly on the web that any audit will be just normal another day event without any problems. If the budget won’t be exhausted at the end, we all will have great international party. Where? That will depend on the surplus :)

Think and never underestimate the enemy. Even if you think that they are pathetic and stupid, it can still go long way. It went almost 30 years of my life (now I am talking about communism). Emotions are good but also rational thinking has to be there. Actually, regarding money, thinking part beats the first one. Emotions we will leave for the party :)