Sex Abuse Wed, 20 Sep 17 23:04:15 -0600 Sex Abuse en-CA sex abuse scandal, Part II Tue, 17 May 2011 21:19:22 -0600 admin 24@/discussions Explanation of the testimonies Mon, 09 May 2011 16:37:00 -0600 falseswamiji 21@/discussions I have to explain the testimonies appearing at this forum, or other forums and our site.
Some of the devotees , dev 1 and dev 2 wrote on forums, dev1 on this forum, and dev 2 on, on the topic which is now locked.
Those writings were not announced in advance and as a web master of the 'abuse' site I was not informed of their identity - so anyway, those 'testimonies' were not published as standard, approved devotees like dev6 and dev 7, but were added to the section of true stories since they were so powerful that I had to put them on the site, but still reporting that they are anonymous, unchecked and just report from a different forums ( they got no devotee status, no number , and were colored gray).
But I have cleared this out with the dev 1 and 2 and those statements now appear under their testimonies page.

I hope that this mix-up didn't raise more doubts as we don't need more doubts.

"Awakened " is devotee 1 from our site and her story published here is just a sequel of her first testimony and is quite similar to her audio statement on our site, but here she has given even more details and facts.

Thank you all

ps. We have 72 hours to delete the site, so soon site will probably be gone since provider has been reported that we have abusive content on our site.
So , in 2 days it will be gone , we'll probably make some less audio visually attractive site, but with al important informations.
YouTube Video Testimonies Thu, 19 May 2011 21:48:43 -0600 John_Sceptic 30@/discussions Don´t ignore not everybody believes Sun, 08 May 2011 07:47:06 -0600 baremuenze 20@/discussions
I think most of swAmi´s disciples won´t leave him, just the fewest. Some, who already left him, will go back to him and to this more disciples will find the way. Please don´t ignore that you can´t assure everybody with internet stories... a while, when the wounds heal up, life in YIDL will go on like before. I think, many disciples didn´t even bother themselves with abuse stories and many diciples won´t do it anymore, so nothing will have changed.

To many many people (thousands of people and disciples) it seems like that you have constructed an internetcampaign with the aim of destroying swAmi, also for a revolution concerning the policy in YIDL insteed of helping and protecting victims or warn people. So some don´t care anymore and others stabilize their view of point with every new story about parts which doesn´t concern abused women (money, title etc.): We can´t destroy him with the abuse stuff, so let´s try something else...

So what do they do? Do they believe swAmi, who gave them many peace and support in their live or do they believe stories of an internetcampaign, which includes destroy of their view of life.
So please don´t forget to be aware of your actions, so please try to understand not only the so called victims, also the other side insteed of ignoring them.

Why did I come here and wrote my opinion that´s not compatible with yours? I wanted to intend how your actions seem to many people and disciples. It´s not my intention neither to harm s. o., nor to attack, nor to provoke, nor to assure s. o. of my opinion. I am not using neither libels nor other methods of putting so. o. down.

For me it doesn´t matter if you believe me. It´s up to you what or whom do you believe.

You think I am attacking? - it´s up to you.
You think it´s a trick? - it´s up to you.
You think I am provoking? it´s up to you.
You think I am defending s. o.? - it´s up to you.

Maybe you can take it as support - it´s up to you.

This is a free discussion and I hope it is allowed and acceptable to write an own opinion to this.

Give peace a chance,

bye bye]]>
sex abuse scandal. Wed, 30 Mar 2011 20:20:54 -0600 Roman 2@/discussions
Here are some links which may be helpfull:

So what are you waiting for? Speak your mind.