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Don´t ignore not everybody believes
  • Roman June 2011
    Posts: 347
    Reply to @tony, @truthseeker:

    It’s an entire enterprise of sadhus and pandits in India. Many people depend on these traditions with their livelihood (those making ceremonies). And many people loose their livelihood because they pay for these ceremonies and nature still acts as nature. Sorry Tony, you have PhD in physics, you just can’t understand this. You are tooooo “intellectual”. TM-ers don’t fly but sometimes they jump up (maybe due to farting while pushing in the root chakra – ask Tony about expulsion engine).
  • batawebatawe June 2011
    Posts: 409
    "Ice-cream discourses with God, part II"

    ego: How did you like your ice-cream-God?

    god: Yeah, it was delicious!, I like strawberry ice-cream very much and its sweetness, in the land of the 'empty Nothing' there's nothing there, so the ice-cream gives me taste of how you humans feel and taste the world of senses...

    ego: So, what are the saints doing then, in the world of Nothing?

    god: They chant and meditate on Me!

    ego: What do they want?

    god: I am not sure really, they want to merge with Me completely, I guess...

    ego: why don't you let them to become totally One with You, loosing all their individuality finally and eternally in Your Being?

    god: I need them too, who will meditate on Me then?

    ego: I will!

    god: Did you buy chocolate ice-cream, which I told you to buy?

    ego: Not yet. I am going to buy it today, ok?

    god Ok, buy 3 packages and if some saint asks you, where am I (they will probably search for me, as they don't give me peace either), tell them I went to your neighbour to fix some water in the bathroom; he calls me all the time: "God please come and fix this water and I will praise You everywhere I go." Must help him, but it would be nice if he gave Me some sweets too, like you, but he never gets the idea to offer Me...

    ego: I wanted to invite him today for some chocolate ice-cream too, I guess 3 packages will be enough for both of you...

    god: Yes, but wait till I try the ice-cream first, to estimate if it is good for your neighbour too, and then you can invite him...I will have to eat it all if the quality isn't superb, so wait till I try it...

    ego: Tell me God, when will I get enlightened and become a saint and join the heavenly army? I buy you ice-cream all the time.

    god: You will, don't worry, you are doing a good service, just continue - Perfection is your birthright!

    ego: Am I going to be perfect anytime like this ice-cream? I want to be consumed by You, O Lord?

    god: You are almost ripe, little bit more service and ice-cream and you'll get there...and please, don't forget to love Me!

    ego: You know I love you God! More than anything or anyone in this world.

    god: Me too, my son!

    ego: Praise the Lord!

    god: Know Me and you will know everything!

    ego: Praise the Lord!

    god: Surrender unto Me and glory of Heaven will sing glories of you too...

    ego: Praise the Lord!

    god: Whoever meditates on Me becomes like Me!

    ego: Praise Thee O Lord!

    god: Don't repeat yourself, give Me some ice-cream, now!

    ego: Praise the ice-cream of the Lord! Glory to the chocolate that will be annihilated in Thy Being, becoming One with You!

    god: Don't make fun my son, let Me taste it.

    ego: Lord, they didn't have chocolate ice-cream, but I bought one with the taste of cherry; don't be angry O Lord with me!

    god: I like cherry-taste my son, nothing sweeter than the sweet cherries, I eat them all...

    ego: Praise Thee O Lord! Sh..t!, neighbour is knocking on the door!

    god: Quickly, give Me one package and see ya later, tell the neighbour I'll come tomorrow, and don't gossip around the town about all this; keep quiet, spare Me some ice-cream and Heaven will await you with all its Glories; and don't give no ice-cream to the saints, let them meditate some more, later then...

    ego: Glory to You O Sweet God of Heaven, Praise be to the Glorious Cherries!; may I be enjoyed like them some day...

    third party narrator: "And so the God suddenly disappeared as he had appeared, and the saints searched for him that day and couldn't find him...ego and his neighbour enjoyed the ice-cream too and thought how blessed they were to know the God who liked their cherries...what will they offer him next time, will be revealed in the next episode..."
  • pavitra June 2011
    Posts: 270
    when we will find out that god is our swAmi in disguise and ego a cute young woman, I think they will start to trade more than ice-creams
  • batawebatawe June 2011
    Posts: 409
    "Ice-cream discourses with God, part III"

    god: Hi there, are you sleeping again?

    ego: Glory to Thee O Lord, I just took a nap, sorry Lord...do you want ice-cream?

    god: Later! Rather tell me, why is your neighbour complaining about me, as far as the saints are spreading some rumours...?

    ego: Complaining? What about, O Lord? He said you fixed his water the other day, but he forgot to offer you the chocolate cookies; I think he worships you fervently, O mighty Lord of the Lords...Praised be the Heaven and all the beings that joyfully enjoy the Bliss in Thy Name...

    god: Cut the cr..p now! I heard he said I eat too much ice-cream and he wonders - why I, as the Lord of the Lords don't tell that to my saints, not offering them some of the delightful sense-enjoyments that I have or enjoy in the form of tasting various flavours of ice-cream...

    ego: My sweet Lord, I can ask him later, but I think if anybody is allowed to enjoy the ice-cream 'full-throttle', then it is surely Thee, O Mighty One...I do not dare to ask, but I somehow sense your worry...

    god: Do not doubt Me, O stubborn ego - rather Obey! and do not ask such questions!

    ego: I have a nice ice-cream for You, specially picked flavour; I've already tasted it myself; it's so sweet, taste of sweet peaches my dear Lord...it's so delicious...

    god: Can't wait...Quickly, bring it to Me; peaches always 'battle' inside of Me along with the cherries - it's the eternal dialectics of the Supreme Truth, far beyond any comprehension of the mind; yet the great and transcendental "synthesis of the opposites" remains the exquisite 'possession' of the mighty souls that can re-unite the apparent contradiction between the opposing forces of Life...anyway, this subject is too hard for you my dear little ego, but slowly and surely, you'll get there...now, let's go for the ice-cream my dear friend...mhhhhhmmmmm, it's really nice, exquisite indeed, almost transcendental, but the best taste of peaches till now must say...Come here my son, let Me bless you (taps him two times on the head)...

    ego: My dear Lord, can you tell me, how much time will I wait still for my enlightenment, I must admit I am little bit impatient...

    god: Soon my son, soon! Patience is the mother of all virtues, remember that...patience and little bit of suffering and you'll get there; you must be ready for it; you must be tested, formed as a strong man that can show endurance...as long as you wish for it, as much as it gives you the possibility towards which you can strive for, at the same time, same wish, holds you back...it's divine paradox my son...only the brave ones can solve the riddle, you're still a pus..y, that's why you can serve only ice-cream for now...

    ego: O My God, I will not sleep tonight again; do I sense some cynicism in your words or am I just a poor ice-cream boy, who still needs to develop, to understand the Divine Mystery of the Dialectics of Various Transcendental Fruits/Truths?

    god: Now you're being too smart again, but before you say anything further this evening, give me those two last bits of ice-cream and don't think much; especially you, you just create yourself many unnecessary problems with so much thinking that I sometimes wonder "do I see in front of me the ice-cream boy or some saint trying to fool with Me again through you?"; their pranks sometimes piss Me off...stay with the ice-cream my boy!

    ego: ok God, should I tell my neighbour that you asked about him?

    god: No need, but you can hint him to offer me some chocolate cookies next time I come around...I spoke much today my son, I will be absent for 5 days, mauna-time my son; till the next meeting, concentrate on the various exotic flavours of ice-cream you can offer Me; till then: vaya con dios my ego-pus..y-san! As it is said in Transcendental Scripture of my saint XY-ananda Brahmarishi: "One perfectly delicious ice-cream is worth 100 years of deep meditation"

    ego: just a moment...where can I get this scripture?

    god: We are writing it My son, right now! Truth is in the Word and the Word becomes the World-for-us.

    to be continued...
  • someonefromhungary June 2011
    Posts: 334
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  • batawebatawe June 2011
    Posts: 409
  • SriRomanSriRoman July 2011
    Posts: 10
    Reply to @batawe:
    I come bearing a gift from your admirers...

  • batawebatawe July 2011
    Posts: 409
    ;))..haha...nice t-shirt...gift accepted;)...without my 'admirers' I am also 'nothing';))), Praise the Lord!;) Well, I invite you all on a big cup of virtual ice-cream (better 'something' than nothing;) and maybe one day we can organize a big ice-cream party;)
  • PallasAthene July 2011
    Posts: 246
    A little bit Buddhist?

    The Dalai Lama, who is in Washington, D.C., for a ten day event, has written: “I have come to the conclusion that whether or not a person is a religious believer does not matter much. Far more important is that they be a good human being.”. . . “That is why I sometimes say that religion is something we can perhaps do without.”


  • truthseeker July 2011
    Posts: 541
    I like the Dalai Lama's quote. We don't necessarily need religion to be good persons (although it can be helpful for some people of course). In fact, science is finding out more and more that empathy has shaped us as human beings through evolution, it has an evolutionary purpose. Look for example at the work of Jeremy Rifkin and of Frans de Waal.

  • mangal July 2011
    Posts: 489
    Reply to @truthseeker: Oh my God, do you want to compare living God XXX with such ordinary man like dalaylama is? :)
  • truthseeker July 2011
    Posts: 541
    Reply to @mangal: no silly, of course XXX is on a much higher spiritual level than that Dalai Lama, who even eats meat sometimes. He is the best in this world, and in heaven. He's the champion and he has no time for loser worms in the mud (or mosquitos). Hari om! :-)
  • July 2011
    Posts: 0
    (sorry, had to be deleted by editor due to spamming)
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