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"False Guru Test" Responses
  • admin May 2011
    Posts: 61

    Please, post here your scores and responses to the “False Guru Test” posted by Veritas. Every posting is welcome. Just try to answer it according your best conscious. Thank you.

  • shakti May 2011
    Posts: 2
    The points 7 and 12 are a bit tricky because swAmi is from that country and that religion spoken about. Any suggestions? These points maybe can not be considered. So they give a false looking outcome.
    Should we leave them out and talk about 24 scores? If so, I can give all scores apart from number 19, I have not experienced that.
    =23 out of 24 or 23 out of 26 because one can not score 7 and 12 by the nature of the context.
    After all:
    It is hard to wake up to the truth, but it is never to late.
  • someonefromhungary May 2011
    Posts: 334
    never been really close to swAmi or the organisation...
    I count around 13 points...
    but I don't have to count on other people's scales of reality ("maayaas") to know where I stand (or fall :D)
  • karavan May 2011
    Posts: 135
    I would say- without counting I find the picture of fake guru in my answer to what was going on in YIDL.

    On the other hand- we let him be this way! We were bowing, drinking his feetwash (NOT ME!!) giving him love from our own desire to have one to give him love in our expectations to be loved. What is with us, were we stupid, silly, naive, hurt from our childhoods on?

    I would say - no matter what and why, we were a part of the cult and we helped in grow. I helped others to come in. I helped it grow. I helped it nurish.

    I must deal now with my kharma for what I did. I am deeply sorry for all people I brought them in, assured them YIDL is not a cult, guru is not as others and spiritual development needs a guru. This is my biggest pain, no matter the reasons why I did that and my intentions were good.
  • VeritasVeritas May 2011
    Posts: 218
    Reply to @karavan:
    Quote karavan
    I must deal now with my kharma for what I did. I am deeply sorry for all people I brought them in, assured them YIDL is not a cult, guru is not as others and spiritual development needs a guru. This is my biggest pain, no matter the reasons why I did that and my intentions were good.

    Your mind is still trapped in the system of blame and guilt. You are free to step out of it.
    Karma, as I understand it, is not about the actual deeds, but about the energy and intention behind it. Doing something bad but believing it to be good is different to doing bad and knowing it is bad.
    I would estimate, that the majority of "bad actions" are done by those, who were supposing that they were doing right. So our biggest task would be, to distinguish between good intentions and real good actions.
  • VeritasVeritas May 2011
    Posts: 218
    Thank you Roman, for opening this thread.
    The intention of this thread should be, to put down your own individual
    observations linked to the numbers of the "false guru test" as suggested
    by pavrita: http://www.sexabuseyidl.net/discussion/comment/1315#Comment_1315

    18) Gives him or herself outrageous titles: Not satisfied by being "merely" an enlightened being, many false gurus give themselves titles (or allow their followers to do so) to indicate that they are literally God-Incarnate, the reincarnation of the Buddha or Christ, or THE chosen one. Some continually change their names, to keep pace with their burgeoning egos.

    His title: "His Holiness Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Sri Swami Mxxxxxanda Puri of Panchayati Maha Nirvani Akhara"

  • batawebatawe May 2011
    Posts: 409
    ----posting my reply to Karavan under different thread, to avoid clustering----
  • pavitra May 2011
    Posts: 270
    Hi Roman, my idea was to create a document like this:

    Subject: First-aid guide how to detect a fake guru with practical examples and free advices

    1. Enlightenment
    2. Money
    3. Power abuse
    and so on
  • Roman May 2011
    Posts: 347
    You mean we won't charge any money for our advise? :):):)
    Just kidding.
  • pavitra May 2011
    Posts: 270
    it was a marketing tool - of course we will charge for it and give the money to the new charity organisation called HELP THE swAmi ABUSED VICTIMS
  • pavitra May 2011
    Posts: 270
    sorry - we will charge for the guide only and give the advices for free

  • Ivan May 2011
    Posts: 161
    1. He stated his enlightement in Lila A., on web, sometimes on satsangs;
    2. Definitely unable to take criticism;
    3. Not so sure, asrams are not really led as concentration camps, but not too pleasant places either
    4. Not too obsessed with talks about enlightenment, but...
    5. Definitely does not practice what is preached;
    6. He took the credit for Satyananda's Yoga nidra and the whole of his yoga system, he even stole the title YIDL from Sivananda;
    7. Satsangs are a part of his culture;
    8. Lives in total opulence indeed;
    9. Encourages or permits adoration from his followers indeed;
    10. Presents himself or herself overly fashionably and glamorously well not too much, only crystal malas, golden rings and watch and great care for hair and skin;
    11. Demands love and devotion from their students indeed;
    12. As an Indian he speaks with an accent;
    13. Runs expensive miracle workshops and courses;
    14. Takes sexual advantage of his followers;
    15. Flatters you and treats you as very special, he is always doing this to abused women but sometimes to their husbands and people knowing too much ;
    16. Talks bollocks. Well sometimes (medha shakti nonsense, Pakistani attrocities…)
    17. Overly relies on slick presentation. At least in my time presentations were quite clumsy actually… half-half;
    18. Gives him or herself outrageous titles, no comment 100%;
    19. Runs abundance workshops. Not really.
    20. Is not interested in you personally. Only if you are a high ranking official or a young women;
    21. Allows his followers to set up a hierarchy of access indeed;
    22. Makes false claims of lineage, has fabricated and invented a lot of things as discussed on this forum;
    23. Presents themselves as non-profit whilst raking in the millions? Oh yes, at least in Croatia;
    24. Collects a large band of angry ex-followers. Oh yes indeed;
    25. Doesn't use pseudo-technology;
    26. Acts like a complete paranoid mad person indeed!
    According to me he scored 17 sure hits, 5 possible, 4 nos.
  • July 2011
    Posts: 0
    (sorry, had to be deleted by editor due to spamming)
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