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Lineage of spiritual masters.
  • July 2011
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    (sorry, had to be deleted by editor due to spamming)
  • mangal July 2011
    Posts: 489
    Do you know about concept of jet gurus? many of them said, that they have long guruparampara behind them.....beautiful, so many cheaters among them and everybody from them are real living God? How many sadhakas were cheated?......Lineage dont say it is real Guru, just says-he has predecessors who were trying to stand alive in poverty land by similar method of "teaching and saving souls".....After your death it really comes dont be worry:) Just serve me, it comes......perfect dogma. The slaveholders done the mistake, that they tryed to force their slaves to stay and work for them. Maybe they should use satsanatan strategy of keeping people in their place voluntarily and with pleasure-many dalits in India were similary cheated by brahmins-and satsanatan dharma is guilty for this-even (if we can believe Lila Amrit) Mahaprabhuji trying to be social reformator, but XXX seems to be on the contrary that one, who do everything to save this deprivatory keeping strategy alive.....
  • Roman July 2011
    Posts: 347
    Reply to @mangal:

    What is real on this and many other similar traditions is to use the “spirituality or Hindu Sanatan Dharma” (but we could also pick any other religious traditions) for taking advantage of people of any class, origin, sex etc. In the name of the highest good many times happened the ugliest things like enslavement, brainwashing, financial destruction, physical and sexual abuse, you name it. It was always easily recognizable by the official response to challenges of those powerful structures. Denial, denial, denial and if we see more facts against us then more denial. Déjà vu all over again.

    Sleep well and sweet dear bhaktas, sleep, sleep, sleep. Cover yourself with stinky ugly blanket like your beloved old master did and sleep well and sweet…………….
  • truthseeker August 2011
    Posts: 541
    It's amazing how they are turning swAmi's mother into Holy Mataji. Just watch YiDL TV. You never heard anything about her, but since she got ill and died she suddenly became the Holy Mary of YiDL. Maybe they needed a new saint to confirm swAmi's saintliness? If they write an (auto-)biography about swAmi will we read about the immaculate conception of swAmi? Surely, he wasn't born out of sex?
    No, unthinkable! :)
  • mangal August 2011
    Posts: 489
    Reply to @truthseeker: It reminds me Romans empire-and how their leaders (cesars) become saints (especially how Augustus let his "father" Ceasar to be called God by people in Roma, and innerly take it as good promotion for his future career..... -it is how the matter developing now-Feudal system is renovating (packed in frases about big history) But of course-just in our yidl-for now
  • rigell1 September 2011
    Posts: 13
    Today I heard a story:
    "I was sitting on the meadow admiring a beautiful sunset. A farmer came and asked, what I was doing. I said: "I admire this glory." From this time the farmer came every evening, looked at the trees, at the sky, at the birds, wondering, where the glory should be..."
    I believe, there are saints, and I believe, they live hier among us, we just do not recognize them.
    I loved the old - the first - version of Lila Amrit, I was not able to read this new thing.
    I have heard Mlynsky was the person, who invitated XXX for the first time to Cz. And I have heard, XXX was living nearly to Vienna, before meeting this old lady who supported him later. There is also some old video - with kriyas, he was realy very young, real yogi, thin with shining eyes.
    He was teaching also a real technics, and giving real spiritual motivation, and yoga was no religion...
    I am so sorry that all this turned in such a way.
  • falseswamijifalseswamiji September 2011
    Posts: 255
    me too :( : ( :(
  • %5BDeleted+User%5D[Deleted User] September 2011
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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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