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sex abuse scandal.
  • truthseeker May 2011
    Posts: 541
    Reply to @Ivan: It's embarrassing to acknowledge that we have been part of a cult. I wasn't to deep in it, otherwise I would have noticed thing that weren't right, or at least I hope so. But I recognize the mindset of finding excuses for little things I saw, that there surely was a good reason for it. Or that every one could be part of yidl in his or her own way, I didn't have to touch swAmi's legs and bow for him, for example. I was often embarrased watching other people do that, I never felt comfortable with it. I thought that swAmi probably didn't like it either, but that he couldn't stop people from doing it. Now I think that he really enjoyed, that he was addicted to it. I am sure that worshipping of humans is always wrong, certainly when there's little saintly about someone, as we can conclude with swAmi. He's not more saintly than any of us. A real saint (if they exist) would never accept worship.
  • Shivashakti May 2011
    Posts: 75
    reply to @susie it sounds like someone at the beginning of the process, at least you are listening. Keep listening, keep watching.

    For everyone reading this and not believing. Ask yourself if there are women in your local town who use to be close to swAmi who have now left and disappeared, did anyone ask them why? Or was it that usually story of no compassion in yidl, it must be their fault, they are crazy.. Perhaps you should go and ask there story.. ??

    Just keep your eyes open. Look for the Truth. Even if it is hard to digest..

    I have been dedicated to swAmi for 12 years, and been serving him and YIDL for this whole time with the good intention of serving guru and ashram, helping people and as a way to gain spiritual development.

    When I heard about these allegations I was in disbelief and denial. I thought, How can they possibly be true? he is old, and busy, and always has lots of people around him But I thought I want to know the Truth. Thats the most important thing to me. I want to know the Truth, more than I don't want it to be true.

    So I investigated, and its when you speak to the girls or hear from people you trust that you start to realise that it is true.

    People i trust, who have no reason to lie, have first hand accounts of women who have had sexual relations with swAmi. One of them, recently found out his ex-wife was with swAmi before they were married. These stories are kept silent. Why not? some of them are married with children and don't want to bring up the past, some still love swAmi and don't want to damage him, others are afraid that no one will listen to them or believe them, some have been scared into silence by threats and manipulation, and others don't want to lose their yoga friends. The truth is, if i had been told about this before I would not have believed it. I am sorry that I would not have believed the truth because i wanted my master to be perfect. I am ready to listen now.
    Lets not keep it silent any longer...

    In the end, the guru-disciple relationship should not involve sexual relations. And i have heard enough stories, from people within YIDL who have had first hand accounts, to believe swAmi has had lots of women over the last 30 years.

    Do what want our Self-Realisation so selfishly that we are willing to ignore our gurus abuse of power and trust?
  • naham_karta May 2011
    Posts: 1
    Dear sisters and brothers!

    Interesting! Obviously, very intensive process started this year. That, what is going on right now, concerning swAmi (for some of us, still our gurudev), is happened to be a unique, golden opportunity, for ALL of us, to make a BIG step forward on our spiritual path.

    No matter what anyone could think or say about this website and about information which can be found here, I firmly believe, that all this things can be extremely helpful for spiritual seeker to “awake” and to purify himself, his relation to spirituality, to get rid of all dogmas and unnecessary mystifications, to get liberated from “unhealthy” things. So, finally, once after all those years, now we have perfect opportunity to be completely HONEST with ourselves.

    To do that – and in order to be consistent - we should go to the very beginning of our spiritual adventure. We should recall everything what happened to us at that time, remember all our numerous questions, dilemmas… all our “suppressed” disagreements – sometimes friendly suppressed by our “older” and more “experienced” yoga brothers and sisters, and frankly, sometimes also suppressed by ourselves. Our mind “fixes” all the “inconsistencies” which we faced in our “new world” of spirituality, our new world of Yoga. WE wanted and we expected that world to be perfect, so WE found (sometimes even fabricate) all the necessary answers and explanation for all irrational “barriers” in our new spiritual way. Does each of us know how many times we “forced” our common sense and intellect to “swallow” the “stupidities” and “bugs” of such our spiritual world? And why we all did that? To protect our idealistic “New world of spirituality - Yoga” to remain PERFECT. All those things are perfectly normal, natural… (similar example: When we are in love, the same mental process is running – we “idealize” our partner, we are “blind” about his/her mistakes!). We are nothing more than just humans desiring Perfection, Purity, Love - desiring nothing less than God himself. Through that website, we can now even share all our (ex) dilemmas and (ex) disagreements about spiritual questions with our friends, not only “hide” or suppressed them … When you once start that process (and that process already started that moment, you start reading that website!), just try to be honest, fair and responsible…

    Let us put together and write down (everyone for himself) all POSITIVE and NEGATIVE things concerning our spiritual path, Yoga and swAmi

    I want to be positive, so I will start with positive things:
    -I switched to vegetarian diet - I feel really much better, not killing animals for eating;
    -Yoga practices – asanas, pranayamas, kriyas… - are pure blessing for our whole phenomena;
    -swAmi brought to me pure and divine teachings of Bhagvan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji (in general);
    -With those teachings I manage to liberate myself from many concrete life problems;
    -With those teachings I manage to develop my viveka in many ways and aspects of my life;
    -With those teachings I manage to reduce fears, aggressiveness, , narrowmindness, ;
    -With those teachings I manage to find a SENSE in my life;
    -I was blessed with some personal spiritual experiences, which gave me a solid proof, that my guru has “something” (let’s call that “powers”) and especially, and that he can and want to help me – those experiences gave me strength and power to endure.

    There is one fact (at least for me) – it doesn’t matter who is swAmi, IT MATTERS that HE brought to me all above mentioned “positive things”. It could be also some another guy, from some another spiritual path or school, but it wasn’t! So, my all thankfulness and adoration goes toward swAmi.

    And what about negative things:

    It is not important where and how swAmi got this pure and divine knowledge, I don’t care if he stall and modify the teachings of Yoga from Swami Satyananda Sarasvati Bihar school of Yoga, I don’t care if he was some M in former life, if he never saw Mahaprabhuji in this life even if he could, if he lie about his date of birth, if he is not a member of Brahmin cast, if he “buy a seat” in some akhara, if he likes a silk and luxury, if he delete & fabricate some new story in Lila Amrit, if he as 50 y.o. “got new mother” because he want to get her property, it is also none of my business if he abuse or make love with some female disciples… etc…etc… If he needs to go to prison, let the police, prosecutors and judges do their job and if he deserves so, they will put him in prison. His own karma will bring him there – or anywhere else, wherever he deserves. All those stories (if there are any truths in those stories) disgusted me, but not minimize the value of all positive things which he do and gave to me.

    Let us observe all those things also from a different point of view. Let me ask you something! Do you remember what Sri Devpuriji did to Mahaprabhuji in one of the Lila Amrit stories? He throws a spear in Mahaprabhuji’s back. Than Mahaprabhuji just pull the spear out from his back, and bow to Sri Devpuriji. Then Sri Mahaprabhuji has got enlighten. Remember? Wow! Again wow! What a great, epic story. And we all loved it, isn’t it? But – using the “language” of our numerous spiritual brothers and sisters - what really happened in that story? They would probably say: “Sri Devpuriji tried to “kill” Mahaprabhuji!!! He threw a spear, to his innocence disciple, hey! Unacceptable!”
    But something is true; probably every prosecutor and judge would send him to prison now days. Isn’t it!?”

    What I want to say is that everyone among us will evaluate what swAmi in reality did (if any of those accusations are true), and if he did it, everyone among us will find his own explanation and answer, why he did it? About all those stories concerning swAmi pushing his “spear” into his young innocence female disciples, maybe one can find also a highly spiritual explanation, that swAmis’ “spear” is at least less painful, that the spear from Sri Devpuriji? In Sri Devpurijis’ story, Mahaprabhuji has got enlighten afterwards, but what about our girls, did they have enlighten? Maybe they need some additional experiences and some additional tapas? Who will know? We definitely not!!
  • Roman May 2011
    Posts: 347
    Reply to @naham_karta: Thank you for your post. It speaks for itself. As you have said, you are not the doer :)
  • Tony May 2011
    Posts: 172
    Reply to @naham_karta: Interesting point, and other people have brought it up too. What if you were drowning and Adolf Hitler jumped in and saved your life? I admit, that's a tough one. And I can see how you could still feel grateful, or even become a holocaust denier.

    On the other hand, your last paragraph... Any "spiritual" justification of violence or abuse, based upon references to some imaginary realm, should be condemned by all decent people as the purest of all evil. Faith and religion must never be used as the license to do wicked and evil acts. There is no room for this in a rational society.
    There is already enough evil in the world justified by rational means, such as money, power, etc.... Keep your imaginary friends in the sky out of it.
  • Nasralpuri May 2011
    Posts: 12
    Reply to @naham_karta: Excellent logic. The next version of Lila Amrit is gonna have a new chapter revealing how Sri Devpuriji gained all his powers by sucking on Sri Alakhpuriji's dick. Keep that acid coming naham karta, America wants to be entertained.
  • Shivashakti May 2011
    Posts: 75
    Reply to @Tony: exactly. Abuse that is justified spiritually is pure evil. It is crazy cult ridiculousness to suggest they needed those abusive experiences.

    @naham-karata: you are the one that managed all those positive things. YOU. The blessings came from your own good intention and discipline.
  • mangal May 2011
    Posts: 489
    Nahamkarta wrote something what was written with total hermeneutics of confidence. It is oposite of nasralpuris and tonys, they use total hermeneutics of suspicion (this two categories of hermeneutics are used in sociology of religion) Nice example.....
    It is obvious who use what hermeneutic in effort to explane swAmis acts. As usually-the true could be somewhere in between...
  • John_Sceptic May 2011
    Posts: 30
    falseswamiji says:
    "Awakened " is devotee 1 from our site and her story published here is just a sequel of her first testimony and is quite similar to her audio statement on our site, but here she has given even more details and facts.

    John Sceptic says: Ok, so Devotee 1 is Victim 1 on the Abuse Site, but she published here another story as Ex-Wife? Mhhhh. Dear falseswamiji: Why did Victim 1 not introduce herself and say: "Hi people, I'm Victim 1, and want to add a little bit of finer detail? Like, when I lost my virginity and there was lots of blood and swAmi asked for extra towels?" She was deceitful and did not say she was Victim 1, she ON PURPOSE led us forum readers believe that she was a "NEW VICTIM, AN EX-WIFE".

    Also, she did not post it under her "Awakened" Name here. A person called "Marya" posted the story, I have been reading the forum every day, I have noticed that! Then, "Marya" disappeared again, so did her story, but the following day it was on the Abuse Site??

    falseswamiji, ask Victim 1 why she is so deceitful and joins as "Marya", posts story, buggers off again, then comes back as Awakened? My God...I'm getting dizzy.
  • Petr May 2011
    Posts: 16
    To Roman:

    I apologize to U.S. citizen for my English, however I am going to take this discussion as an English lesson too.
    I am surprised by your health concerns when you're so close to yoga.

    My comments are no words tricks. My life is the path of yoga and it's based on the unity of thoughts, words and deeds. Without the truth to self and to others is the practice of yoga useless.

    To Susie and to all:

    You wrote to me : Tell about yourself, your experiences, your ideas. How do you understand a situation like this, the motives, the emotions that are behind. How to prevent situations like these to happen?

    Well, I'm interested in spirituality, understanding of personality as a human being ,what is within us, what is the consciousness, mind, soul, spirit, emotion, what is the disease, health and finding inner guidance. I try to search for the scientific reasons. Not accept passively words, but I want to touch it, to see… All of this means to me yoga. It's very difficult to orient in this area and it's not for everyone as psychiatrists say. Even if one tries, eventually can very easily to slide. It is very narrow border between normality and psychic symptoms.

    Answers to these questions I found only at swAmi. He showed me what looks like the unconscious, subconscious, consciousness and part of superconsciousness, the connection to the mind an where are emotions. I follow the instructions of swAmi - I do not experiment. I experienced some level of samadhi and it showed me that sex (orgasm) is nothing against it. Therefore it is nonsense that swAmi wanted sex with the “abused womans”. This was also confirmed by the visionary woman.

    I have the opportunity this my research to consult with the Medical Doctor. Her specialization is the brain. And as I wrote, I participate in the consultations with the visionary women. She has the inner guidance, she sees the light, which gives information to her.

    I try the things to synthetize. I try to follow step by step to understand why I'm here and what my task is. I learn from all, but the base is swAmi because he understands what the spirituality means. I teach only from the one, who is the expert in this area.
    In my opinion everyone can choose to go where he wants and when one left or did not understand something, still it is not reason to blame or harm someone.
  • Tony May 2011
    Posts: 172
    Reply to @Petr: --- "I experienced some level of samadhi and it showed me that sex (orgasm) is nothing against it. Therefore it is nonsense that swAmi wanted sex with the “abused womans”.

    --- You clearly benefited from yoga. Your English is okay. As the next step, you should familiarize yourself with some elementary logic.
  • susieagain May 2011
    Posts: 3
    HI it's Susie again, seem to have lost my password as i really wasn't sure I'd be here again, but there were some good answers so i wanted to say thank you especially to those who were being positive. I was finding that i felt so much better in myself when i was reading through the positive comments, it just seemed much lighter.

    i also wanted to comment that really when i think about it swAmi gave me so much, i mean that will probably piss people off to hear it but He really has given so much and shouldn't we be concentrating on that? i mean all this negative stuff just means that if we are really following a spiritual path we haven't learn't anything. or am i just naive? are people here commenting on these pages spiritual seekers or just here to make someone wrong? I'm sorry i really don't know all about these pages and who started them etc.

    i also wondered who Durchand means by Mira? they are in Australia? are they who you mean? and what is the situation in Australia? i heard the tour was a better success than ever? is it just me or are some people putting forward their own opinions as fact. i think we must always be open to realizing we may not be correct in what we believe, isn't that what this is all about.

    and i agree with Naham Karata, that in many ways this is an opportunity for Spiritual growth, there are many lessons, like how we react and stuff, sorry i'm just typing as i'm thinking. But don't you think there are really some positive things we can take out of all this? can we concentrate on that for a little bit
  • truthseeker May 2011
    Posts: 541
    Reply to @susieagain: Durchanand is Sevapuri from Hamburg and Mira is the woman he mentioned in his statement when he left yidl, the woman who says she has had consensual sex with swAmi in 1995. Am I right, Durchanand?
  • batawebatawe May 2011
    Posts: 409
    Reply to @susieagain: "i also wanted to comment that really when i think about it swAmi gave me so much, i mean that will probably piss people off to hear it but He really has given so much and shouldn't we be concentrating on that?"

    Sure, even swAmi himself, said in one seminar "take what is good and what is not leave it here..." or something like that...but there is no knowledge without the seeker also and his/her own desire...I myself am not putting any blame, everybody is responisble for his/her actions or reactions and the way of structuring your life around someone or something...one thing is what consequences will you take out of all this and the other thing is this fact of several people who decided to expose certain things and now we talk about them...whomever decided to take this project upon themselves, they must stand behind it...what will the other subjects do with it, it's their 'problem'...of course it's not really fair to put things down as if everything is now bad or something, that's just subsequent generalization and not sticking to the alleged subject or topic; but there is some sort of disillusionment happening and that's not something that is strange nor new...when the projections fall (which were your own) than of course, the 'authority' starts to fade, like when your consciousness fades out, also the world 'disappears' with it;)...projection (on the Person) is falling away and you take things back upon yourself, from where they came at the first place, we chose the 'object of worship' and it's our identification that took place, why we chose it and what did we expect? everyone should find their own answers; structurally, the love of a music fan towards his idol, is completely the same as the love towards the Master, s/he becomes the object-reason of my love, the secret treasure, that I seek in the Other (the one that the Other possesses), and reaching to that "object of Love" with my own love, I begin to structure my own desire around that object, trying to find fulfillment, transfering my love onto the Other's treasure, core of his being; the one who loves doesn't know what he lacks and the one who is loved, doesn't know what he's got - the supposition of Love entails in itself a sort of "lack of knowledge"; the one who loves is the "subject of desire" and the one who is loved is the "object of the desire"; but object on the other side must remain the object (the mysterious persona, who possess the miraculous object in himself), thus for the subject to maintain his own desire...the Master (who knows and is desired) must maintain this mystery around himself, as the fullfilled and self-possessed Subject, but who is at the same time the Object, appearing as full and not a split personality...what the "Mystery of a Object/Person" can give us, is just the emptiness of his own being, for the desiring subject to project upon the desired one - his own love-projections::::::::Master/The Analyst, is not allowed to answer the question of subject's/patient's desire by his own desire, he can not become the "subject of desire" himself, he should not desire the disciple/patient - as his object of desire!, and thus subjectivize himself (becoming a split personality and barred with a Lack), but must remain the (mysterious and full) Object.

    *********" are people here commenting on these pages spiritual seekers or just here to make someone wrong? I'm sorry i really don't know all about these pages and who started them etc. "

    dichotomy between spiritual seekers and non-seekers (who are apparently doing wrong) is logically and psychologically - unnecessary postulation. What is not spiritual? and I am not talking now about radical negative examples like savage-killing or killing for selfish reasons etc...all the atrocities and violence and stupidities of modern 21'st century man...but questioning and finding the answers or some kind of clarifications of your own subjective view and knowledge that is available to us as a human beings, who are a part of this (not just physical) but also the Symbolic world, where we share our experiences and knowledge through language...we are stuck with it...that's all we have here and let's take it upon ourselves...o, don't think, just dive and feel the love vibes, is just a simplification...we love but we also think and that's also form of love, knowledge is structured upon the love of knowledge (which means you never really get it, but circle around it), but isn't it same with whole life?...we circle around something, are never sure enough of the validity of things, but still we search and explore and we produce all this knowledge and art etc...around this circling of desire...but one thing is to search, the other is to unequivocally find the searched Object and be sure of its final Truth:::and about the final truth, all religions and their prophets and messiah's have much to say...all is one, yet difference lurks in those camps also...even their desire structures around the empty object which they do not possess, but if they do, good for them...the moment they try to deliver it to us, we are stuck with some sort of fetishistic object in our mouth, unable to swallow it...

    who started the world?...it is, and we are here, doing it, and the originator remains the mystery (he/she/it should always remain the Mystery, otherwise there is no creation, no production, no desire, this Nothing is the fuel for Everything)...even Roman didn't start this thing; he is just a circumstance around which this could happen, otherwise we can start praising Roman - as the Creator of this loka and making a new 'religion' out of it...though I'm just a guest here, allowed to share a cup of tea, I am as much a creator of this as you are and anybody who joins the Romanesque loka;)

    ******"and i agree with Naham Karata, that in many ways this is an opportunity for Spiritual growth, there are many lessons, like how we react and stuff, sorry i'm just typing as i'm thinking. But don't you think there are really some positive things we can take out of all this? can we concentrate on that for a little bit"

    it is all around us already, there is no privileged space for Spiritual growth...it is here, where you are currently...I see positive things everywhere, even in slander, it's also the possibility to become more awake, to see where and what you are...if they spit on us and criticize us (and many times those moments were most awakening), we should be thankful, they help us to see...
  • Durchanand May 2011
    Posts: 74
    Reply to @truthseeker: yes truthseeker and no, mira left yidl in 1995 but her sexual relation time with swAmi was between 1991 and 1993!

    @susie - you have probably not followed the discussion on esoterikforum.at which was closed last week because of swAmis lawyers so you could not know. mira is a german girl who wrote there too. if you or anybody else wanna have all that stuff write me an email in the private section, please. i and many more in hamburg have full trust in miras words. read my statement also please.

    on esoterikforum.at i also wrote about what i know of the australian situation. that the tour was a better succes than ever is just propaganda, means a lie. swAmi was disinvited from the 20th anniversary of yidl australia tour shortly before it should have started by the ashrams of sydney, brisbane, dungog and perth because they believed those karma yogis more who left jadan after hearing first hand from abused women because these karma yogis were people whom they had no reason not to trust. only single bhaktas invited swAmi and the whole tour was totally changed. I still have the old schedule with the tour being nearly only in Syd, Bris and Dun on my computer in case - no peace tour to ayers rock=mount uluru. also they took him off the aussie website nearly completely. the majority of the bhaktas and the organizors in those places in australia do not want to have anything to do with him any more. they cannot yet speak out officially at the moment because some lawyers are working...but i am sure they will join our discussion when the time is right for them and then they will make their statements too. btw speakup is an australian who wrote here a bit last week or so.
  • joyriver May 2011
    Posts: 101
    Reply to @Shivashakti: I agree with Shivashakti and Tony. I could not fin better words to reply to naham-karta.
  • joyriver May 2011
    Posts: 101
    Reply to @Nasralpuri: :):):):):):):):) I just had a lough now!
  • Petr May 2011
    Posts: 16
    To Tony:

    I don´t know if you know what I mean. To the better understanding of my comment maybe I simplified it.

    Logic belongs to the mind, but the mind does not know everything. Above the mind (logic) is the state of superconsciousness ( or intuition), which has the ability to know the truth. . If I in the state of superconsciousness (samadhi) get some information, this information is always confirmed.

    My research takes place just in these areas. The easiest way is for me exploring consciousness - in the brain is the area of reticular formation. However, in light of the superconsciousness I had an experience that sex had no meaning or tendency here.

    It is a pity that more people do not have this experience. Then we all would know that "the trustworthy women" does not speak the truth and extend fictions only.

    To all especially for activ Durchanand:

    Would not be better to be interested in spirituality and focus your activities towards the searching in the superconsciousness, in the light…? And in that state finally experience the knowledge that sex is not here.

    On the other hand, I do not mind that Australia has such an attitude towards swAmi. At least we'll have more swAmi for themselves. I would like him to be with us as much as possible.

    Being in his presence is for me great happiness - it means to feel the energy, light and joy.
  • Roman May 2011
    Posts: 347
    Reply to @John_Sceptic:

    Marya was a different woman than awakened. You can read her post, which hasn’t been deleted, under this permalink http://www.sexabuseyidl.net/discussion/comment/486#Comment_486
    After she had written it, she sent me a message where she thanked me for the opportunity to speak out but that she didn’t want to continue in the discussion, that her post was all she wanted to say. And if I would be so kind and deleted her user account. Therefore the post appears under the deleted user name. I honor everybody’s wish about their posts. Certain functions have to be done just by the administrator and cancelling the account is one of them. But if I delete the user, I still leave their posts unless they specifically ask me not to do it.
    You can find some other posts with deleted users. Originally, to keep this forum as open as possible, we gave the option to sing up as anonymous users with emails which were actually this domain assigned addresses. Email is required by default to sign in by the user. Unfortunately, we had some security issues and this was detected as one of possible holes in security of our site. We had to close it. We mentioned it in the discussion and got rid off the anonymous option at the Sign-in. Also, we’ve started to require a valid email for sign-in. That means, if the email comes back to us as undeliverable, regardless what the real reason is, we won’t let you to create that user account. There are many options with free email providers to create totally anonymous email and that’s good for us. All existing users were notified and few of those who did not rectify their situation were deleted as users too. Again, we kept their posts untouched. There was no conspiracy of any kind involved about Marya’s post. She may have thousand reasons why she decided that way and frankly, it’s not my business.

    Now about awakened. She had posted her written testimony on falseswamiji’s website and also had there audio testimony which is not exact copy of the written one but you can see there that it is the same person speaking about what happened just using different words. Not just mechanically reading what was written first. Then for some reason she had decided to completely come out and used this forum for her full confession. Just read that thing. It corresponds to main detail of first testimonies but goes much deeper inside. All the way down to the deep end. I have a question especially for women reading this forum: If she wanted just harm swAmi, the first testimony was enough. By exposing everything about herself she became a deer in front of headlights. The most vulnerable and easiest target. After she posted that, I received a private message from her. I won’t reveal what she said and what we were talking about afterwards. Not even under water boarding :) One think I will reveal what she said: “I feel like s…t”

    (Now for Batawe, maybe you obsession with your private investigation was a little bit insensitive. I know that you are smart guy and can sort things out. It is not that somebody is part of some establishment and somebody not. It is matter of trust. And also time.)

    Also John, if you really read the forum daily you would notice that she is not speaking about loosing her virginity as something what happened. The towels were asked for the next time and that didn’t happen.

    You are right that she could/should have introduce herself as one of the falseswamiji’s site victims. Hold it against her as a skeptic, that’s your right. I think that Tony’s response has some value too. There are many people here claiming dealing themselves or knowing first hand somebody who deals with sexual abuse victims. Ask them about statistics how many women actually come out. Ask them how easily they speak about these very intimate things.

    Also, she passed my test. But I understand that this can be irrelevant for anybody else. (Still waiting for your clairvoyant, Peter :)

    Real skeptics are not afraid of questioning of all sides of truth structure. You’ve questioned the victims side. That’s fine. Now, are you willing to face the other side too?
  • Tony May 2011
    Posts: 172
    Reply to @Petr: "If I in the state of superconsciousness (samadhi) get some information, this information is always confirmed."

    My own direct experience with "superconsciousness" was this: long time ago I broke my legs, and they had to reposition the bones so they put me under narcosis. For those thirty minutes, when I was under, for me there is just a hole in time, with no consciousness whatsoever. No citta, no wittness, no nothing. Just an instant fast forward by thirty minutes. So how independent of the physical body can my consciousness be, if it can be so completely erased by an anesthesiologist's chemical cocktail? As I conclude from this experience, all the consciousness is only a product of the electrochemical processes within the brain. Once the brain is dead, you exist no more. I have been there, I remember it.

    I would so love to be wrong on this. I would love not have to die and be gone forever.

    So help me and convince me. Once again: What is the nine digit number on the yellow note that is right now on my desk? Enter samadhi, tap into the superconsciousness and let me know. Then your words will have huge credibility, and I promise I will take you very seriously. Otherwise, I will continue to trust my own experience on this matter.

    Why did you never reply to this? Do you really think I am just mocking you?
  • Tony May 2011
    Posts: 172
    Reply to @mangal: batawe? This sounds like your department. Can you handle this?

    Seriously mangal, thanks for teaching me a cool new word ;-)
  • Tony May 2011
    Posts: 172
    Reply to @Ivan: Back in the late eighties, I knew this cool guy Czaba (aka Chandrapuri) who was then slated to become the next superswami ("very advanced soul"). After he left Hungary for Austria, at one point he worked as a janitor in the building where swAmi had his then new apartment.

    There, he could not help noticing the steady stream of beautiful, fit, young women coming to swAmi's apartment late at night. To be fair, there was an occasional ugly, fat, old guy every once in a while, but the female supermodel types clearly dominated, occasionally more than one at a time. After he saw some of them again anad again, he eventually chatted up some of the girls on their way out. Some denied everything, but some proudly admitted what they had just done up there. He then quit, sent swAmi a juicy letter (this was actually semi-privately circulated to be condemned). swAmi later announced that as a result of this, Czaba's karma is just marginally better than Stalin's, and explained that that the poor guy has fallen for a woman (impure), and got thus derailed from his spiritual destiny. (I believe Roman's departure was handled similarly).

  • someonefromhungary May 2011
    Posts: 334
    Reply to @Petr:

    dear Petr,

    I like people who don't like tomatoes because they leave them for me :) although it is purely egotistical from my part, it doesn't seem to harm anyone... so I can understand your feelings about the Australians (although you don't say you like them, you just say you don't mind their attitude)... but then why do you mind the attitudes of the people reading or writing this forum (including some Australians too)? anyone who likes swAmi less than you is doing you the same favour as the Australians, that is, leaving you more space to be close to him...

    and as Tony, I also don't understand the logics of these sentences:
    "I experienced some level of samadhi and it showed me that sex (orgasm) is nothing against it. Therefore it is nonsense that swAmi wanted sex with the “abused womans"

    if I understand you correctly, you say that sex (orgasm) is not incompatible with enligthenment*. if that's it, I agree and no further explanation is required. then you say _therefore_ swAmi couldn't have wanted sex with those women... and this is where I'm stuck... my logics tells exactly the opposite, that is, _therefore_ it is possible that he wanted that.

    * I've paraphrased this part because I guess the very state of samadhi (=cittavritti nirodha) cannot coincide with external sexual activities and experiences...
  • Durchanand May 2011
    Posts: 74
    Reply to @Petr: "At least we'll have more swAmi for themselves. I would like him to be with us as much as possible."

    Petr, i am really proud of you that at least you lost your ego through all these samadhi practices...
  • John_Sceptic May 2011
    Posts: 30
    Roman, thanks for providing the link. My mistake, sorry. But regardless, Victim 1 lost all credibility, to me anyhow. She should have said she was Nr 1 on the Abuse Site, the way she posted the Ex-Wife story was very misleading and throws her integrity out the window.
  • mangal May 2011
    Posts: 489
    Reply to @Petr: And what is good meal against the samadhi? And friendship and everything? Escape from life towards imagine.....
  • falseswamijifalseswamiji May 2011
    Posts: 255
    Dear John,
    what is your problem?
    devotee 1 lost all credibility? sounds more like your mind had desperately waited for something to shout- AHA! and to give you excuse to continue to live in your happy illusion.
    She didn't immediately connect two identities, one on this forum and other on the abuse site- BIG deal. I admit it may have caused confusion for a while, but in less then few hours we corrected the mistake.
    Apparently you didn't notice that it was only one or two hours possible to misunderstand since the testimony is on the abuse site under dev 1 sequel of the story.

    By the way I knew most of her awakened testimony before since we talked about her experience more than she told on the site, so I guessed it was her. It fits her previous testimony since it is true, no need to adapt anything, it is just that she is under HUGE pressure and maybe we sometimes make minor mistakes- just because we are not so well coordinated , and not just invented witnesses, as you think we are.
  • Roman May 2011
    Posts: 347
    Ok John,
    How about 4 others? I also spoke to more of the victims on the site and as much of a skeptic I am, I know they exist and that they are credible.
  • susieagain May 2011
    Posts: 3
    i have heard otherwise, Australian tour was not only a few people, there were many hundreds of Bhaktas, in fact a majority who even sent letters so say they are appalled that a small handfull of people, the board of AAYIDL made a decision not to host swAmi, without asking their members (which is legal procedure) because 'they were concerned for their own image' The tour was a massive success, just look on the official website and ask any bhaktas in Australia who stood by their Guru. I find it strange that Durchand is just saying really bad stuff and i have just proved it's not correct, through my own investigations. I know that most people in Australia are supportive to swAmi, a few tricky people have just made it look otherwise.
  • joyriver May 2011
    Posts: 101
    God, I'm sad today and again in that feeling of what these women must have been through. Not that sad that I would need comfort, but rather that feeling of wanting to share this emotion of sympathy... I'd like to share with you this song, about the suffering of the ordinary man.

    I can easily transfere its meaning to the situation people in yidl have been through, at least the suffering ones...
    here's the lyrics:

    "La ballata del carbonaro"
    Vita tremenda, vita tribolata/ terrible life, painful life
    Di chi alla macchia va per lavorare/ of those who go into the hiding to work
    Vita tremenda triste e strapazzata/ terrible, sad and hard life
    Non si può creder quanto immaginare./ you can't believe it nor imagine it

    Parte da casa ha poco lieto il cuore/ he leaves home, sorrow in his heart
    Si riunisce insieme ai suoi compagni/ gathers with his fellows
    Lascia la moglie sola nel dolore/ leaves the wife, alone and heartbroken
    E i figli scalzi e ignudi come ragni./ and his children barefoot and naked as spiders

    Dicendole se giova il mio sudore/ telling her "if my sweat will be useful
    Speranza ho di far buoni guadagni/ i have some hope to earn something
    Soccorso vi darò poi lo vedrete/ I'll help you and you'll see
    Comprerete il vestire e mangerete./ you will buy clothes and food

    In Corsica, in Sardegna e fino a Rieti/ in corsica, sardegna up to rieti
    Star sette mesi e non mi spoglio mai/ i spent seven months never taking off my clothes
    Ma in cerca di fortuna/ but in seeking fortune
    S'andrebbe anche nel grigio della luna.../ I'd even go into the darkness of the moon

    S'incontra una foresta alta e bruna/ He goes into a dark wide forest
    si fabbrica una cella per dimora/ makes himself a cell for house
    si fabbrica di legno terra e sassi/ made of wood, soil and stones
    sembra proprio il ricovero dei tassi/ it looks like a badgers' lair

    Sette mesi bisogna coricarsi/ for seven months we have to lie down
    nutrendosi del cibo più meschino/ eating the miserablest food
    polenta e cacio si diventa grassi./ polenta and cheese ...
    Per risparmiare se ne mangia pochino./ we eat a little to save them
    Ora c'è l'ingiustizia e l'angheria/ there's injustice and oppression
    il capomacchia il prezzo vuiene a fare/ the boss sets the prices
    e fra tare rincari e fra rivelli/ and among tares, rising prices and...
    credete a Dio ce ne rimangia mezzi/ believe god, he steals us half wage

    Per S. Giovanni si fece fagotto/ for s. Giovanni they pulled up stakes
    mezzi ammalati di febbre quartana/sick with fever
    ritorno a casa stracanato e scotto/ he went back home worn out and dead tired
    senza un quattrino e con la febbre addosso/ with no money but only fever
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